Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show III

Held in Asia for the first time, 2017 Victoria Secret Show opened in Shanghai grandly in 11.20. 55 models from 20 countries interpreted 88 sets of costumes of the six themes, including 38 pairs of wings.

Punk became a popular musical style since the late 70s with the rebellion against tradition as the biggest feature. Because the secret of Victoria is a fashion pageant from the United States, the first theme adopted the punk style which represents the United states.

Punk style tends to use metal luster to show the spirit of destruction and exaggerate personality. The creative director, Olivier Rousteing, in the series used many rivets, tassels, plaid as decoration to create an underwear pattern with full of rock style.

Blue and white porcelain elements was selected to represent China, the main venue of the show owning to the elegant and gentle characteristic expressing oriental beauty perfectly.

Mainly composed of the white tone of snow and ice, the series of Winter’s tale used a lot of soft gauze and colored sequins and jewelry as detailed decorations artistically and fantastically.

The design of Millennial Nation series was more inclined to the sports and younger style. Various colors such as blue, pink, red, yellow, orange and other bright colors were used to match the lively character.

The Goddesses’ theme series focuses on the design of the Greek goddess. The golden olive leaves become the main decorative elements, especially the dazzling golden Tiara headdress. Designer Kirk Maxon used 2320 olive leaves in this series. In addition, the Fantasy bra valued $2 million from Lais Riberio also debuted as the finale of the series.

Nomadic Adventure was the last series of 2017′ (0.61 km)s show. It mixed together multinational elements and highlighted the exotic folk style by using a lot of feathers and abundant color. Participated in 17 Victorias Secret Fashion Show, the closing guest, Alessandra Ambrosio, will not renew the contract the next year. This is also Alexandra Ambrosia’s personal career closing show.

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